What problems do you need to address? The shorthand for the most pressing problems in business is agile transformation or digital transformation. But these two terms cover a multitude of activities that are increasingly being referred to as business agility.

In this one day workshop we will introduce you to the basic concepts of value-based agility and provide you with the framework you need to introduce and implement it in your own organisation.

We call that framework Flow and it integrates upstream value analysis, continuous value improvement and downstream value delivery and feedback. Flow’s value-based agility is the missing ingredient you need in order to make agile transformation real.

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  • Duration | 1 Day
  • Cost | Members €765 / Non-Members €850 + 1 year’s free membership
  • CPD Points | 10.5
  • Venue | ICS Building, Dublin 4

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Who should attend

You will benefit from understanding how your role is changing and the new skills you need to master. Therefore, this course will be of extreme benefit to all roles in the business teams or IT, but especially those in:

  • Leadership Positions
  • The PMO
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Development
  • Operations
  • Devops
  • Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters
  • Data Specialists (Data scientists)

What previous attendees say

“In this Agile space, certain concepts and values are just inherently in us, then someone comes along and articulates them in crystal clear unambiguous language, and the words just explode off the page.”

Christopher Hurney Organisational Agility Consultant

What you will learn

  • Learn the major components of the Flow end-to-end framework
  • Explore the new purpose of leaders when value replaces rules and reporting lines
  • Explore the relationship between value-based agility and new work methods
  • Learn the principles and tools of a more visual and accountable work environment
  • Explore tools for true customer-centricity in the agile enterprise and discover ecosystem possibilities (internally and externally)
  • Learn how to design value into the Flow of work
  • Explore the new ways to practice value management
  • Learn how to form “Flow” teams and how to deliver value with new ways to work


  1. Prepare yourself for real agility and for delivering value at pace
  2. Increase revenues by ensuring only work of value enters the innovation pipeline
  3. Understand how to move to a new flexible operating model
  4. Master how to create high performance Flow and DevOps 2.0 teams
  5. Overcome the IT-business divide

This course will help modern enterprises to consider the dynamism of global markets, which means we now need to think about innovation as:

  • Microscale – often operating at the micro-scale even for large enterprises (smaller market segments small windows of opportunity, micro-consumption of digital assets, e.g. Cloud services; small units of work)
  • Ecosystem based – dependent on third parties for many aspects of innovation within market segments
  • Holistic or diverse – drawing on a wider range of skills and creating a much broader scope of services than has been normal
  • Rules-light or characterised by effective hierarchies – interaction where hierarchies are less rules bound and more social so that enterprises do not lose time and value in multiple handovers or rigid compliance processes
  • The idea of business agile is not truly configured to address these market issues. We favour the term value-based business agile.

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