Free masterclass: practical business agility techniques for managing change and delivering value – Aug 30 – Free Event

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Is your business really agile? Are you asked to define and deliver sub-optimal solutions?

Many Business Analysts are routinely asked to implement bad business decisions. This can usually be attributed to the fact that very little effort is directed towards making the entire organisation more agile and the work coming into the funnel lacks any rigour or has become date driven which ultimately impacts the quality of the end solution.

Also, agile methodologies are normally only implemented within technology functions and some associated business liaison functions. These teams can become very adept at delivering quickly but the art of value discovery is sorely missing and this can lead to unrealised benefits or even worse, failed projects.

The real challenge we need to address is to understand why we are constantly having to do wasteful work. Is it because of bad decision-making upstream, managing CxO ego projects or a lack of strategic alignment between the work you need to do and the actual reality?

This presentation will cover some of the very latest business agility techniques which are being used to manage/prioritise a portfolio of projects, a change program or an innovation agenda. It will also introduce the latest thinking around value-based agility which goes beyond the current state of what we currently call “agile”.

But more importantly, it will also explain how and why Business Analysts can play a pivotal role in the new world of business agility.

About the presenter

Fin Goulding is an expert in Business and Technical agility having worked as a CIO and/or CTO in several major organisations such as Aviva, Paddy Power,,, HSBC, RBS and Visa.

He has consistently been named as one of the top global CIO’s year-on-year and is recognised as one of the most experienced enterprise agile leaders in the world today.

He has been pioneering new ways of working using visualisation techniques and agile practices in all areas of businesses in order to help organisations achieve digital transformation through cultural transformation. He has a unique perspective having worked in startups, .coms and large scale companies.

Fin is in demand as a coach for CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CTOs and as a keynote speaker and panellist. He is constantly improving and evolving business agility practices and principles through real-world expertise.

He has co-authored two of the best selling books on business agility: Flow: A Handbook for Change Makers, and 12 Steps to Flow.

Event timings

Registration & refreshments: 8:30

Event start: 09:00

Event end: 10:00

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